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Feature & Specification
• Total RMS power: 10W (5W x 2) • Total peak power: 20 W
• One-piece 2.0 sound system design • Top panel can open as a stand
• Perfect crystal sound performance • Transmission range of 10 meters  
• Powered by switching adapter • 1.25” x 4pcs full-range neodymium drivers  
• 3.5mm auxiliary jack for various audio sources • Dimension: 215 x 160 x 54 mm (W x D x H)
• Power/Pairing, Volume up/down controls
• Ice-blue LED used (stable light for power indication and fast flashing for Bluetooth pairing)  
Product details

Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker

Bluetooth V2.1+ EDR                                  

            -  Class II A2DP
            -  AVRCP profile supported
            -  Advance DSP technology


Special stand design perfect for iPad and most tablets


Smart design like a UFO


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