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Core Competence

 • In-house Industry Design professionals stationed in Shanghai to develop ID proposal.

 • International magazine recognition on product design and concept.

Core Competence

 • Design Creation

 • Design rationality

 • Design feasibility



Core Competence

 • Pioneering R&D center to upkeep the state-of-the-art technology.

 • Experienced engineers are more than capable on product technology innovation.

 • Invest advanced testing facility such as anechoic chamber, LMS system, Klippel system etc. to make for precise product development.

Core Competence

 • Provides the best measurement stability in the industry.

 • Offers comprehensive testing facilities integrated within a Bluetooth wireless technology test set.

 • Provides a realistic reproduction of the acoustic properties of an average adult human head and torso.

 • Provides a solid mix of speed and performance, and offers the versatility of x-series measurement applications.

Wireless product measuring and test instruments

Core Competence

 • USB-IF Compliance

 • WHQL Logo Compliance

 • DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost)

 • Pressure Driver Bass Enhancement

 • Wireless Application (2.4GHz)

 • Sound Retrieval System SRS 3D

 • Digital signal process technique (DSP)

 • Made for iPhone(3G)\Made for iPad. 



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